Recognize Mesothelioma Symptoms

There is a rare cancer that affects the membrane of lungs. The cancer is mesothelioma cancer. Yet, it can also attack the membrane of heart and abdomen. Still, it is found greatly in lungs. It is very dangerous because it will lead to the death. People who get this cancer usually do not realize that they get this cancer because the symptoms just like common illness. So, people often do not detect the cancer early. They usually detect it too late. When they are already in stage III and IV, they just realize it. It is so hard to be cured then. Here, we will explain the mesothelioma symptoms, cause, and treatment. It will help you to know the symptoms. Early detection can save many lives. Doctors can cure people easier if they are still in early stage.

Mesothelioma Symptoms

When people get mesothelioma cancer in the early stage, they will feel some symptoms. The symptoms are dry cough, shortness of breath, minor fatigue, and chest wall pain. People usually just consider that only as minor illness. They will only take some medicine to ease the pain. If you have those symptoms, you had better to go to a doctor. Ask the doctor to check you whether you get the cancer or not. Doctor usually will check your medical history and then do the X-ray. If he detects that there is something wrong with your lung, he will do biopsy to make sure that you have cancer or not. The people who are in late stage of this cancer will have severe mesothelioma symptoms like severe chest pain, weight loss, respiratory complications, and severe bleeding in many internal organs. In late stage, the cancer cells already develop and spread to the lungs in wide areas. It will be very difficult for the doctors to eliminate the cancer cells. The opportunity of the people to survive will decrease then. People who get this cancer usually are misdiagnosed with lung infection or pneumonia.

Cause of and Treatment for Mesothelioma Cancer

The cause of mesothelioma cancer is too much exposure with asbestos. Asbestos is famous for its resistance to heat. So, it is often used in building construction as mixture of cement or even for fire-proof vests. The workers in the factory that uses asbestos as the main material will have a high risk to get mesothelioma cancer. It is because they are surrounded by asbestos particles. They can inhale it easily. The asbestos particles will be accumulating in the membrane of lung for a long time because human cells can’t eliminate it easily. It will cause the cancer cells to arise. It takes 40 up to 50 years for the cancer cells to arise. Yet, it can be cured by surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The surgery is only effective to cut the cancer cells in the early stage. It will also require radiation to follow. The radiation is used to prevent the cancer cells grow anymore. If people can detect the early mesothelioma symptoms, they will have high opportunity to be saved. For the late stage, doctors usually use radiation and chemotherapy to cured the patients.

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