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Diagnosing Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of rare cancer which aggressively attacks and it is caused by asbestos exposure and commonly experienced by those who get job in areas which will easily be exposed by asbestos fiber and they keep inhaling the fiber continuously for years. The inhaled fiber then will pile up from time to time whereas the body is unable to get rid of them. Some treatment can be done but it can raise poor prognosis and it will not cure the disease totally. The ongoing research today is looking for the way to early do mesothelioma diagnosis using screening test.

Knowing about Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is closely related to the asbestos exposure whereas today, the use of asbestos today is dramatically decreased. This disease can be found in commonly those who typically was working in asbestos exposure potential areas such as shipyards, auto repair shops, and other industrial setting. The mesothelioma will be taken after decades from 20 up to 50 years then the patient will show the obvious sign and symptoms. Before this duration, it is still difficult to make a definitive mesothelioma diagnosis. The direct exposure of asbestos can be the main or primary cause of this disease.

The other possibility of getting mesothelioma is by secondary cause in which a person who works in asbestos exposure has contact and interaction with his wife or family, also when someone maybe has routines in washing clothes where the asbestos fiber stick on them. Nonetheless, typical and common cases of mesothelioma are happened to men and caused by exposure of asbestos at workplace. The fiber of asbestos is in molecular sizes and it can be easily inhaled or swallowed especially in areas where the asbestos usage is common. The inhaled fiber cannot be easily destroyed and it piles up.

Procedure of Diagnosing Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma can show some symptoms but it will not be the clear diagnose that someone has already suffered from this disease. Symptoms of this disease are such as breath shortness, coughing, cheat pain and unexplained weight loss. By seeing the symptoms, a patient should not put off fetching the doctor or medical advice in order to get full and complete diagnostic test so the clear diagnosis can be taken and it can help determining the next action to do. The mesothelioma diagnosis can be done by chained procedure in which each of them will result the full diagnosis and it will help in getting treatment.

The first step is taking the imaging tests such as chest X-ray, CT scan, MRI and PET to take the inside body image. If the image has been taken, blood marker test will be taken in which some blood tests will be conducted on the purpose to find out about the type of cancer and the physician can provide the best option of cancer treatment. The last step is biopsy test which is purposed to examine the cells and tissues sample taken from the body. The treatments for mesothelioma are including surgery chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Although they are sometimes carries poor in prognosis.

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