Hepatitis B is a virus that attacks the liver and causes jaundice in the long run. It is noted that about 2 billion peoples are infected and over 378 million peoples are fighting with chronic Hepatitis B virus. Around 15-40% of infected people develop liver failure, cirrhosis and hepato- cellular carcinoma in the long run.

As the disease does not show symptoms in the early stages, it remains unnoticed for a long time. It can get transmitted to other people through sexual intercourse, using the same needle, from an infected mother to her new born baby and all the ways in which the body fluid of the infected person get in touch with body fluids of other persons. To prevent this deadly disease, in 1981 first Hepatitis B vaccine came to its existence.

The vaccinations not only prevent the virus but also protect the body from liver cancer. A proper dose of Hepatitis B vaccine in right time can protect an individual from this harmful virus for a life time. Some of the most important facts about Hepatitis B vaccine are outlined below:

Hepatitis B Vaccine Schedule: 

Hepatitis B Vaccine comes in three powerful doses. The proper time to administer this vaccine is mentioned below:

  • Birth time, first month and on sixth month
  • Birth time, followed after next 6 weeks and 14 weeks
  • Another recommended schedule is six weeks, ten weeks and fourteen weeks
  • Babies at birth time, then again within six weeks and last dose after six months

Those who missed out the recommended time to get vaccine they can take up the vaccination by following the given time schedule:

  • First vaccination at any preferred time. But it is recommended to take up the schedule as soon as possible.
  • Second dose should be after one month from the first injection.
  • The time gap between the second and the third dose has to be six months.

The schedules for an aspirant mother with Hepatitis B are administered at zero, one and two months. Then again a booster dose needs to be taken after twelve months.

For peoples or babies with low immune system it is recommended to take four doses to get a strong protection form Hepatitis B virus. The doses for such cases are given at zero then again after one month, followed by two months gap and the last dose after six months.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster

After primary immunization vaccination, it is recommended to have a booster dose. The booster dose is based on primary schedule. Booster doses for primary schedule 0,1,2 months is recommended to take booster doses after twelve months from the first schedule of vaccination. Those who followed first schedule as 0, I, 6 months they need to take the next booster dose after five years from the first primary dose of Hepatitis B vaccination.

For people who come in contact with Hepatitis B patients are advised to take up a booster dose with immediate effect.

The vaccination program is incomplete without booster doses. So, it is highly advised to take the booster doses on their scheduled times.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Cost

The vaccination for children is done in three doses which cost between $ 75 to & 165. But, it varies from place to place. Infants under age 18 including other aged children can take up vaccination free of cost under different government and private organization schemes. The cost of vaccination for adult costs little more than the mentioned amount. The cost for Hepatitis B vaccination is sometimes covered by health insurance companies. adults who are not covered by insurance may have to spent $300 to $700 which includes consultation, registration fee and other required fee leveled by the private hospitals or clinics.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Side Effects

The vaccination causes some manageable side effects which are normally not found to be severe. Some of the common side effects are mentioned as below

  • mild soreness
  • indurations
  • fever
  • malaise

Some of the most uncommon side effects are

  • liver disorder
  • mystalgia
  • urticaria
  • rash
  • diarrhea

Hepatitis B vaccine is the only way to prevent this deadly disease. Proper doses at right time can secure a person’s life from this virus for his entire life. For people suffering from this virus it is highly recommended to take the prescribed doses at right time to minimize the different health complications caused due Hepatitis B virus.